Owing to the popularity, WordPress has become the different malicious attacks. There are many security processes that are used to save the WordPress, such as changing the admin URL, while to put a firewall has been related by only a few webmasters owing to either the deficiency of learning about firewall or the security matters of the process.

How Firewalls Work

Wordpress Firewall Keyword Cloud

A firewall is a software program that helps in filtering data traffic. It also monitors all the data to allow the good data to be in and bad data to be blocked. It protects you from hackers, viruses and websites which reaches your computer.

Firewall is a program which is at every point of Internet. It monitors the data is flowing carefully. Firewall is following some rules. These rules are set by the network administrator to allow traffic to the web servers, FTP servers, Telnet servers. The rules will decide who can connect to the Internet, what kind of connections can be made through, which or what kind of files can be transmitted in. All the traffic in and out can be watched and controlled by firewall installer at a high level and security.

Firewalls can shift the data flow for the macthing of keywords to block the unwanted data which is flowing in.

Some of the Firewall products are:

  • McAfee Internet Security
  • Microsoft Windows Firewall
  • Norton Personal Firewall
  • Trend Micro PC-cillin
  • ZoneAlarm Security Suit

Need of Firewalls

  • Firewall can be for home use also.
  • The main aim of personal firewall is to protect the personal computer and private computer from vriuses
  • Virus is often one type of malware that comes in mind. A virus can be transmitted to the computer through email or Internet and quickly effect your files in the computer.

Limitation of WordPress FirewallLimitations of WordPress Firewall

  • A firewall cannot prevent users with modems from dialing in to or out of the internal network.
  • It cannot protect from inside attacks.
  • Firewalls are planned to allow unwanted data transmission to and from your network. While this can protect your system from intruction.
  • Firewall policies can be restrictive and which can limit users from performing several operations.
  • A firewall cannot apply your password policy or against misuse of passwords. Your password policy is crucial because it draws the acceptable conduct and sets the structure of indifferent.
  • A firewall cannot protect against any attacks which pass around the firewall. Many association buy cheap firewalls, but neglect the numerous other back from the network.
  • A firewall does not protect against internal threats from traitors. An attacker in any case be able to break into the network by completely around the firewall.
  • Firewall can’t protect against drilling over the most application protocols.
  • Firewall cannot protect you from poor decisions.
  • Firewalls cannot protect you when your security policy is too lacking.

WordPress Website Firewall Limitations

Online website firewalls are similar to any other software. They can have their own problems and security flaws.

WordPress is still reachable by attackers

When you are using an online web application for WordPress, your web server has to be available over the internet for the WAF to forward the traffic to your WordPress.

Communication Flow When accessing via IP or DNS

Limited Zero Day Vulnerability Protection

A zero-day vulnerability is a deficiency that leaves software, hardware or firmware powerless against an attack that take place the very same day the vulnerability is found. Such an attack is called a zero-day exploit it means that there are zero days between the time the vulnerability is notice and the first attack.

In such cases the replying of the vendor is very critical. The response time is how long it takes the vendor to update the WordPress website firewall signatures to be able to detect the new vulnerability and block it.

WordPress security is not to be taken indifferent. Firewalls are a huge way to add an additional layer of setting to the security tray. Firewall protects from all kinds of unwanted data and allow taking control of the computers. It is a  standalone system. It is having a set of rules for your requirements and security of the computers.

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