People today use Smartphones and tablets for browsing the Internet than desktop computers. In fact, according to online studies mobile devices will soon overtake desktop internet usage. This clearly suggests that you should get your websites ready for mobile. If you own a WordPress site, luckily for you there are tons of mobile-ready themes and plugins, using which you can easily turn your current site into a mobile-optimized site or create a new one in no time at all.

If you’re a beginner and want to have a WordPress site optimized for mobile, then reading the below-mentioned tips will certainly help you have a WP mobile-friendly site up and running, without much hassle. But before looking at the tips, let’s first understand why you need to have a mobile-ready WordPress site.

Mobile-Optimized WordPress Website


Why You Should Make Your WordPress Site Mobile-Ready?

Everyone today owns a Smartphone or tablet and uses it to access the web. So, if your WordPress site is not optimized for mobile devices, users won’t be able  viewers to read your content properly. You need to make your site optimized for device with different screen sizes. But in case your site can’t adjust and adapt itself to a mobile screen size and resolution it is being viewed on, your visitors won’t take more than a second and will move to some other website.

Moreover, since increasing number of people spend most of their time in browsing the web and shopping via phones, you’ll miss out potential traffic. But if you’ve a website that is mobile-ready and provides optimal web experience for mobile users, you can generate good traffic to your site. This even increases your chances of turning your customers into loyal ones.

Use Themes Optimized for Mobile Usage

With more and more users using Smartphones and tablets to access the web, the need to have mobile-friendly sites has become more pressing than ever. Fortunately, there are several mobile themes  available online using which you can set up a mobile-friendly site in no time. The best part is that you don’t have to employ someone to get a mobile theme for you, until you want to create a simple, responsive site.

Install a Plugin

One of the biggest reasons that make the WordPress platform so popular is because of the availability of plugins. There’s a plugin for everything, and thus makes the job of adding additional features and functions a relatively easy job for website owners. By installing a plugin, you can focus on your core business processes instead of spending your valuable time and efforts in messing with the code. For instance, you can have plugins that help optimize your site for mobile devices. Mobile Detector, for example, help make your WordPress site mobile-friendly for Android, iPhone and other devices.

Minimize Use of Graphics

Although, mobile device screen seems to be getting bigger with each passing day, yet they remain to be smaller compared to desktop computers. And so, avoid stuffing your site with too many fancy graphics – or it will make your site load slowly, which can’t be tolerated by today’s not-so-patient mobile users. Most importantly, ensure to minimize the use of graphics if you’re running an e-commerce site on WordPress. That’s because, shoppers aim at making purchases in a quick and efficient manner. But the use of graphics in excess will increase your load time. Therefore, use only a limited number of graphics that are important for your site.

Don’t Overboard the Site With Text

Apart from minimizing the use of graphic elements, make sure to avoid having too much text on your site. Remember that mobile users have limited space on their phone screens to view what you’re offering to them. And since most of the users avoid to zoom in and out of the screen or scroll up and down, it becomes more important than ever to add only relevant and useful text about your products and a brief about your business. Simply put, just display the text that helps your visitors make an informed decision on making purchases from your site.


People today uses mobile devices than desktop to access the Internet. And thus, it becomes important for you to have mobile-optimized site. However, in case you’re not willing to make your site ready for mobile devices, you’ll certainly miss out on opportunities to reach a wider consumer base. This post will explore 4 useful tips that will help you understand how to have a mobile-ready WordPress site.

Guest Author Bio: Lucie Kruger is an eminent Senior Content Editor and IT consultant for Mobiers Ltd . She provides concrete information on latest technologies like iOS, android and mobile apps development.

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