Now is not the time to let all your efforts go in vain. You old post on which you have invested a lot of time and energy are not bygones, and they are not going anywhere.

It is certainly not possible to let something valuable as that to rot in vain. Let us suppose that you purchased a house years ago but certainly now it needs renovation. The renovation will certainly cost less and will give you better returns rather than purchasing a new house.  What will you do?

Well, I believe going for a renovation is the best and most feasible thing to do. Similarly, renovating your old blog post is one of the best ways to get returns from something on which you have already invested.

1) Make use of Social Media Platform to the fullest

To reap the benefits from an all your old post you need to keep in mind the following things:

  • Do it in the correct way
  • Make sure that your target audience is right
  • Make sure that you are posting the feed at the right time

In today’s world, we have numerous analytical tools to work effectively on social media platforms. Let’s say we have Twitter, which offers tools such as Socialoomph,  Tweetadder,   Mention, TweetDeck, and several other tools that can help you to form a successful strategy for your social media optimization.  Moreover, there are numerous plugins that can help you to schedule a proper strategy for your post.

3)Make use you stellar work

We are well aware of the fact that we people like to use the tried and tested path. Likewise, they also like to read what is being read by masses. Thus, you can effectively showcase your popular post to catch the attention of the audience. To do this you not need to learn a lot of technicalities, thanks to plugins developers who have developed plugins to display the most popular posts on your WP website.

4) Make use of 404 error page

Though it is used for displaying the error 404, this template can be ingeniously utilized to resurrect your old WP post. You certainly get 404 page on every WordPress theme, and there are times when visitors do fall on them.

You can make use of this page by using search bar that can help the visitors catch the right path from which they have gone astray, or you can also use them to showcase your old post so as to keep the audience engaged on your website.

5) Intra-link building does great

Search Engine optimizers have a very great liking for Link building and, therefore, it is incorporated in all the strategy. This can be done to make an internal linking among the articles, and this forms an internal article scaffolding to support articles internally.

This helps you to market your old blogs on the new ones by showcasing the links of old blogs that are related to the posts.

6) Use Bookmarking or blog commenting to revive old links

Blog commenting or bookmarking is one of the most organic ways of increasing search traffic on your blog. When it is a good technique for the new post then why it is not for the old ones. To revive your old post you can make use of their links on the comments that you do in blogs as this is one on the most organic way of generating traffic.

7) Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post offers an incredible way to solve the problems encountered by most of the WordPress developer at some point in time.

The first thing is that it lets you revive all your post that were published quite some time before or in short the ones who are now present only on your archives. There might be some of the most incredible pieces of your work which you can still use to get organic traffic swarm on your website.

Best things in the world are not free and so is this software that comes with a subscription of  $49 for premium features. Talking about its fan following it has over 40,000 users who are actively using this plugin.

Make use of the incredible features:

  • Custom Post Types are supported
  • Lets you create more than one Social Accounts
  • Schedule events
  • Add post along with images
  • Can let you post on Xing / Tumblr


Jetpack is a power pack plugin that comprises a comprehensive set of tools for resurrecting your old  WordPress website. Related Post module tool is used for analyzing your content on which you are working, and after that, it features all the related post that were published on your blog.

This technique is immaculately used by famous blogging websites such as Mashable, and you can also incorporate this so that the users do not leave your blog immediately after reading your post and hop on to something else useful enough.

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A creative thinking is always recognized by everyone and the same thing is there with Jack Calder. Jack Calder has been a stunning technical writer cum developer who loves to write new things and a  master in HTML to WordPress conversion.

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