Adding something creative to your website is always fun. To engage the readers and users on your blog or website is always a challenging task. So, it is really necessary to add something creative and attractive on your website to engage visitors and let them play around your content and graphics.

And this post teaches you how to create the spinning effect for the social icons for your website. This post will specifically illustrate the spinning of social icons only but you can replace and add your set of icons as desired for your website.

Live Demo

Here is the live demo of the spinning effect of the social icons that will ‘Spin Right’ when you hover a cursor over it and then ‘Spin Left” means rolls back to its initial position when you remove the cursor.

And it will not harm you if you click on any of the icon below and start following us 😉

Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon



Now, How to do this?

It is really simple to achieve this spinning effect. If you are using WordPress, you can add these spinning icons by just placing the code (after replacing with your social profile links) in the “Text Widget” may be in the sidebar or wherever you want.

Please note that the below given code is not only limited to a WordPress website, but you can place it on any website regardless of the platform used like HTML static website, blogger, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

Below is the Code:

Simply copy and paste the code wherever you want your icons to be placed on your website.

NOTE: You can add and remove icons by simply add/remove the code between <!–StumbleUpon Icon–> and <!–End StumbleUpon Icon–>.

And make sure to replace text in “href=YOUR-STUMBLEUPON-URL-HERE” with your actual social profile URL.

Thats it! We are done. With this simple process you can create an attractive and cool subscribe section.

Karun Verma

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