The user interface of an application plays a great role while ensuring its success. The UI design includes all the elements that help users interact with an application. Hence, it is quite imperative to make it appear appealing and easily accessible.

An updated and trendy app design will help accentuate potential customers and generate greater ROI. According to the current web trends, the intuitive, and flat UI designs appear more interactive and helps ensure better user engagement with app for long.

Minimalistic UI Design


The accentuating minimalist application’s UI designs have encouraged top-notch app designers and developers to create a flat, thin and elegant interface that can hold the app user’s interest and can be accessed with utmost ease. Not only this, but there are several other benefits that make the minimal user interfaces stand out of the box; it thus, becomes a preferable choice for millions of app designers. Let’s ponder into some advantages of designing an app with a minimal user interface.

  • Since, the minimal app designs are in trend, they will help your organization stand ahead of its competitors with superior functionality applications and trendy design.
  • With the growing popularity of minimalist designs, it can be said that this trend will only continue in the coming future.
  • It ensures more user interactivity, as it focuses on the intuitive interface and feature-rich app design that is easy to access and functions smoothly.
  • A handy and simple UI design can help you create a successful application that indeed can enhance your business values and increase your sales and profits.
  • Extraneous and confusing UI elements can ruin the user experience and may also lead to application abandonment. Whereas, a minimal UI design approach emphasis on principles of typography, minimum color gradients and no special effects, which make the UI easily readable and more intuitive. This ensures greater user engagement.
  • With minimal designs, users can conveniently navigate through the application.

Whether you are creating an educational application for children or entertainment application for kids or adults, a minimal design approach can   prove to be quite beneficial for your business.

Here is a list of a few examples of some of the beautiful applications that have been designed with a minimalist design approach.

  1. Hexicon – Unicode shapes & symbols

The Hexicon is an elegant mobile application designed by Nicholas Beaty. It features numerous Unicode shapes and symbols that can be used in any messenger application. This iOS application facilitates users to discover beautiful and creative symbols, which can be easily copied to the clipboard and can be implemented in email, texts, messages, Facebook posts, tweets, etc. Its innovative, sleek and minimalist design is easily accessible and is highly useful.

  1. Paratt

This application design beautifully boasts content in an uncluttered and well-organized fashion. It showcases numerous products and their description. The colorful logos and images of featured products add to its appealing visual appearance. This is a wonderful example of a mobile interface that primarily focuses on content.

  1. Moves

Designed by ProtoGeo, this fabulous application is available for both Android and iOS users. It is acoustically designed and developed to help users keep a track of their regular activities and stay fit with ease. Its intuitive and sleek design features a black background and showcase the details in an appealing fashion. The design includes a beautiful blend of easily readable icon, bright-colored and high-lightened details. Users can easily traverse through this mobile app and retrieve the desired data like steps they have moved, distance covered, calories burned, and a lot more.

  1. Anhanguera

This mobile website perfectly boasts the brand colors of the Anhanguera throughout the site. It offers easy navigation and beautifully blends its three core colors to make the interface appear captivating. User can easily choose the desirable option and access the navigate through the interface with ease.

  1. Ootd – Outfit of the Day

Stay fashionable with this free iOS application. Designed by Parallel LLC, this exquisitely designed application features a simple yet stylish look and feel. It includes a blend of subtle colors and displays eye-catchy CTA (Call To Action) buttons. Crystal clear vivid images and navigation ease make this application stand ahead of the crowd.

Observing the aforementioned benefits of minimal user interfaces, it can be said that by incorporating a flat, trendy and appealing look and feel to the application with minimal UI design elements, you ensure a successful application.

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