Powering millions of mobile devices across 200 countries, android is the largest mobile platform and still growing amazingly as more and more people power their mobiles using this outstanding platform. It is basically developed for touch screen applications which include a wide variety of smart phones and tablet devices.  Proudly developed by Google, it is an open source and free to use platform which is adopted by many phone manufactures.


Mostly used by Smartphone’s, android on phones is a rising trend. Smartphones are equipped with features that allow us to do much on them and multitasking becomes a pre requisite. There is a significant need of using shortcuts as you switch from one app to another or browse through the setting of your technologically gifted smartphone.  Even other major operating systems such as iOS offered by apple have developed faster access to various settings and apps directly from the home screen. Long pressing the home key of your mobile gives you a menu which shows the recently used apps or the ones which are currently in use but to make use of your smartphone to the optimal level you also need an application that helps you toggle between your favorite apps effortlessly.

As you go ahead in the post, you will be introduced with some effective yet free of cost Android multitasking applications that shall help you to access you favorite applications, shortcuts, settings and even organize them in the most expedient manner. Sidebars, cut pies, background images and notification bars, there is a wide list of applications that will make your experience of your Smartphone truly impeccable.



Swapps is a quick, signal based application switcher for android. You can pull up a list of recently used applications on the side of the screen whenever you want and directly access the one you want. Just a swipe through the edge of your screen and you are presented the whole list of application. With Swapps you can also customize the area of swipe by size and choose a preference hierarchy which helps you keep your starred applications on the top. You can also make the notification bar transparent so that you can see through it and your line of sight is not covered.



A favorite among many users, Swipe pad is a launcher pad initiated by swiping your finger on the edge of your screen. With Swipe pad you can access any application without returning on the home screen of your phone. Also known as hyper space, it allows you to add bookmarks, contacts, shortcuts and widgets within your custom pad. It also helps you to save on battery and RAM.

 1Tap Quick bar 

1 tap quick bar

 The 1Tap quick bar app not only helps you change your android settings but is capable of doing much more. Add app shortcuts, launch browsers, call any one in a flash of a second, access media files and much more with just a single tap. It also gives you the option to customize the look of your quick bar using attractive texts and background colors.



The Pie control is now available at the play store offered by Google. You can drag it from the edge of the screen and get a cut pie view of your tasks, tools and preferred applications which are easy to launch right away. Earlier it was only available to the ones who rooted their android and installed a custom ROM but now it is easily available at the play store.

Smart Task Switcher

smart task switcher

The smart task switcher helps you to use a floating icon to access this smart application switcher. Without overworking on your home button, Just a long press on a particular app will close or kill the app.

 Notification Toggle 

notification oggle

The Notification toggle is a notification bar editor which helps you to access your settings directly from a notification pull out. You can select the settings which you wish to add in the notification bar and the avoid going back to the home screen. You can also add applications which you wish to add in the notification bar and make full use of your mobile device.

 Choose one for faster app switching

All of these applications are highly effective and useful for making your android Smartphone even better, faster and smarter.

Just visit the Google play store and try out these free to download applications which shall enhance your mobile surfing application.

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