The man has reached to Mars, and if you are still using that stereotypical and boring landing pages to be precise, then it’s time to come out of your cocoon.

Now is the time to build refreshing landing pages that will make you customers go banana over your website and this is obviously for the benefit of your website.

1. Highly Effective Headline

“Do not judge a book by its cover.”

We know this quotation, and now most of the people follow it, but it is quite evident that people do get influenced by the title of a book.

Well, I was very much intrigued by the title “Life after death” and this was the title effect alone that compelled me to purchase the book. Similarly, to make highly attractive web pages.

A headline is a mainstay when it comes to your website. From a headline only you get to engage the users attention and introduce your project. It is the most critical thing that decides the fate of you are landing page.

Here are the following points which needs to pay attention while writing headlines for your landing pages.

  • Your headline must not be mundane
  • Your headline must talk about your product and service in a very subtle way
  • Moreover, you need to keep certainly in mind that your images must suffice to what you need to convey in your title.
  • Make it crisp yet clear, use not more than 20 words else you will become a verbose

2.  Subheadline must reinforce

Now as we know that the headline of a web page makes the web page credible enough for the users to go through it and it is the sub-heading that further reinforces your users that you have made the correct choice. It must be attractive enough as it is placed just beneath your headline.

Though your subheading must be highly persuasive, it must also fuel up the idea that you have put forth in your heading. You must remember that subheadings are a detailed version of your heading, but it would be better if it reinforces what you are saying.

3. Persuasive Pictures

Regardless to mention, that human brain has the utmost liking for images and they process them faster than the text.

Therefore, make sure to follow the following features:

  • Use big and imposing images
  • Use images that are relevant to the products or services you are selling.
  • For those who are rendering services must make sure that it is eye catching
  • Use HD or high-quality, scalable images.

4. What’s in it for the customers?

One of the biggest examples of this is those people who claim to reduce your weight within four weeks or help you to achieve the desired skin tone within two weeks.

This is the quality that intrigues the customer and compels them to purchase the product. Thus, when it comes to landing pages, you need to incorporate certainly this element as this can help you attain phenomenal results.

Mostly try to assure the customers that the services that you offer have incredible things to offer.

5. Logical Flow

To convince someone or in short persuade them to come and buy or choose their services you need to give logic. Logic of:

  • How your services are better than the contemporaries?
  • What all benefits one can reap if they choose you?
  • How are you choosing the reliable services?
  • And many more…

All in all, you need to form a logical flow that interconnects and attests each and every statement you speak of on the very page.

Use proper usage and placement of images which will help you to render a more effect logical coherence and in short a more imposing impact on your visitors.

6. Lay stress on your Call to Action

For those who are still on the pattern of using “Submit” or “Contact us” button need to revise their strategies. Believe it or not ‘Calls to action’ are important and have a serious impact on the conversion rate of your website. This is because they have a great cognitive impact on the users brain.

Thus, no matter how good you design your landing pages, you will face defeat if you do not have a good Call To Action button on your landing page. So why to ruin the efforts applied to designing landing pages when you can save them by presenting a good CTA.

I hope the above tips can help you boost the conversion rate of your website. For any further queries feel free to drop your comments.

Karun Verma

Karun Verma is a perfectionist and an online marketing expert with keen interest in finding new ideas and innovations in internet. He is the founder of HTMLTUTS+, a blog based on inspiration in Development, Designing and Online Marketing Ideas.

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