HTML Language tags commonly called HTML Tags or HTML elements are the fundamentals of HTML. They act as a keywords that delimited by angle brackets. They are represented mostly in pairs with a start tag and end tag also called opening and closing tags.

We have compiled here the full list of HTML Tags sorted alphabetically for you that follow HTML 4.01 specifications. Follow our next tutorial to learn added tags in HTML5 other than the below specified tags.



<!–…–> Stipulates a comment
<!DOCTYPE> Stipulates the document type
<a> Stipulates a hyperlink
<abbr> Stipulates an abbreviation
<address> Stipulates an address element
<area> Stipulates an area inside an image map
<b> Stipulates bold text
<base> Stipulates a base URL for all the links in a page
<bdo> Stipulates the direction of text display
<blockquote> Stipulates a long quotation
<body> Stipulates the body element
<br> Inserts a single line break
<button> Stipulates a push button
<caption> Stipulates a table caption
<cite> Stipulates a citation
<code> Stipulates computer code text
<col> Stipulates attributes for table columns
<colgroup> Stipulates groups of table columns
<dd> Stipulates a definition description
<del> Stipulates deleted text
<dfn> Defines a definition term
<div> Stipulates a section in a document
<dl> Stipulates a definition list
<dt> Stipulates a definition term
<em> Stipulates emphasized text
<fieldset> Stipulates a fieldset
<form> Stipulates a form
<h1>  Stipulates a heading level 1
<h2>  Stipulates a heading level 2
<h3>  Stipulates a heading level 3
<h4>  Stipulates a heading level 4
<h5>  Stipulates a heading level 5
<h6>  Stipulates a heading level 6
<head> Stipulates information about the document
<hr> Stipulates a horizontal rule
<html> Stipulates an html document
<i> Stipulates italic text
<iframe> Stipulates an inline sub window (frame)
<img> Stipulates an image
<input> Stipulates an input field
<ins> Stipulates inserted text
<kbd> Stipulates keyboard text
<label> Stipulates a label for a form control
<legend> Stipulates a title in a fieldset
<li> Stipulates a list item
<link> Stipulates a resource reference
<map> Stipulates an image map
<menu> Stipulates a menu list
<meta> Stipulates meta information
<object> Stipulates an embedded object
<ol> Stipulates an ordered list
<optgroup> Stipulates an option group
<option> Stipulates an option in a drop-down list
<p> Stipulates a paragraph
<param> Stipulates a parameter for an object
<pre> Stipulates preformatted text
<q> Stipulates a short quotation
<s> Indicates text that’s no longer accurate or relevant.
<samp> Stipulates sample computer code
<script> Stipulates a script
<select> Stipulates a selectable list
<small> Stipulates small text
<span> Stipulates a section in a document
<strong> Stipulates strong text
<style> Stipulates a style definition
<sub> Stipulates subscripted text
<sup> Stipulates superscripted text
<table> Stipulates a table
<tbody> Stipulates a table body
<td> Stipulates a table cell
<textarea> Stipulates a text area
<tfoot> Stipulates a table footer
<th> Stipulates a table header
<thead> Stipulates a table header
<title> Stipulates the document title
<tr> Stipulates a table row
<u> Stipulates text with a non-textual annotation.
<ul> Stipulates an unordered list
<var> Stipulates a variable
<video> Stipulates a video

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