We all commit mistakes , but winners always correct their mistakes on time. Moreover, when it comes to  designing or web designing there are no stringent protocols which you need to follow as everything is dependent on liking. This is why you can experiment the most in order to bring out the most effective design. However, there are certain mistakes which are to be avoided while designing your business logo which also happens to be the marketing symbol for your business.

  1. Copy cats are discouraged

With huge demands, employees are under a great pressure of meeting requirements and this is why they do not add creativity to their work but just rehash the content already present. This happens same with logos as well, which is something which must be avoided. Moreover, this is also because business owners do not deem logo to be very important for their business. Wherefore, they go for crowdsourcing,  for logos and this is where the best logo wins and the rest of them are shunned.

Moreover, copying any other logo won’t be tolerated by the creator himself and will also mar your market image.

  1. Be choosy while choosing colors

Colors have a deep cognitive impact on the users and thus, one needs to be quite choosy while picking up the colors. Though there is no criteria or rule for picking up the hues for your logo, thus you can choose any color scheme as long it is soothing to your eyes. You can choose any of the vibrant colors that can carve a good image of your business in front of the users.

In order to help the designers, there are numerous tools available online such as Adobe’s Color which helps you with the color spectrum and helps you to create color schemes which you can check before using them in your logos. Though you can be quite innovative while picking up color schemes for your logos, but it should not be incongruous to your websites color pattern which is one of the most down selling point.

  1. Simplicity is the best policy

Simple things are the most attractive things. This is why I recommend you to develop simple logos as they grab the attention of the users. The market is flooded with numerous catchy designs and among them your simple design will certainly have a strong impact. Simplicity adds versatility to your logos which implies that they have the capacity to be used in more number. As a logo is used even in a very small size as well on billboards which require them to be very large.

  1. Unnecessarily inclusions

Using certain special symbols such as elements that are not required in a logo must be avoided. For instance, the inclusion of things like “L.L.C.”,“Co.”,“Inc.” and several others in a logo must be avoided. However, an adaptation of the main logo might contain symbols such as Copyright (©), Registration symbol (®), Trademark (TM) or other is alright. Including unnecessary times is certainly distracting the images of the users.

  1. Typographic chaos

Typography has a very important role to play in logo design and if not used subtly can tarnish all your efforts of designing a logo. Moreover, try to adopt simplicity for your logos which does not mean that you need to keep them low profile, but it is advised to keep them simple and can be comprehended.

In order to make your logo that stands different in front of your users you need to make sure that you do not use clichéd and boring fonts. Moreover, using more than one font also falling the category of something which needs to be avoided. You need to pay attention to spacing, sizing and kerning while using some text in your logo.

  1. Using raster images

In order to get a credible logo you need to use programs which render vector graphics and these Softwares’ are  Adobe Illustrator which makes sure to the users that designed logo comes out to be a highly scalable one and can be enlarged up to any size, which enables the users to be applied in any media. A vector graphic is developed after sheer precision and stress is laid on  mathematical points, and this is what is responsible for the visual consistency of the logos when displayed across a wide range of  devices with different size and orientations.

A raster image is made of  pixels, as in Photoshop we have pixel-based designs and the worst part about them is that they are not elastic which means that when enlarged they pixelate and cannot be used when the size of the device increases. This is why vector graphics images are used in order to create high profile logos.

  1. Have a proper discretion towards the inputs

Why a client has hired you in the first place? Certainly he takes you as a professional and wants you to do accomplish his task on his behalf. Thus, it’s advised you to take control of the project rather than letting the client take control of it. It is incumbent on you to tell the client that whether any particular idea is not good enough to be incorporated in your website. If you clients still do not agree on it, then to convince them by giving examples. You can send them similar examples which can help them understand what you are trying to say. This is the only way to make them realize that their suggestions have some pitfalls and therefore need some tweaks. Along with that you also need to know that being a designer does not make you the immaculate. So do not just reject your client’s proposal just because you have a good experience.

Karun Verma

Karun Verma is a perfectionist and an online marketing expert with keen interest in finding new ideas and innovations in internet. He is the founder of HTMLTUTS+, a blog based on inspiration in Development, Designing and Online Marketing Ideas.

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