The designers of the world are continually looking for tools and techniques that can make their web designing endeavor easier and far more rewarding. And more often than not, they are not left disappointed.

High-quality designs are the order of the day, and you can’t possibly make compromises when it comes to the user-friendly aspects of the website. And thus, you have a host of UI kits that serve as the perfect tools for enhancing the user experience and lending your websites an unrivaled appeal.

And it is not just the visual enrichment of the website that their UI design kits enhance, but they go a great distance in boosting the responsiveness of the websites, and that is something all businesses yearn for. Today, the overtly done designs are not finding any room with either the designers, or the end users, and the 15 UI kits we are putting forth focus on the same abundantly clearly:

1. Foundation UI Kit

Foundation UI Kit

As the name suggests, this kit helps you lay the most basic foundation for your website, and in a manner that is most promising and effective

2. Flat UI Kit PSD

Flat UI Kit PSD

This one comes with exceptional features and visual appeal, and will suit your lofty design ambitions just fine, while ensuring high responsiveness at the same time.

3. Metro UI CSS Kit

Metro UI CSS Kit

This kit keep things fuss free, and at the same time, beguiling. This tool also equips the developers with a host of development tools to make things abundantly easier for them.

4. Dropper Bootstrap Skin

 Dropper Bootstrap Skin

Dropper skin is particularly suited to websites built on Bootstrap. This is another highly resourceful kit that boasts of impressive CSS3 features.


5. Just Another UI Kit

Just Another UI Kit

Unarguably, this one is not “just another” kit. It happens to be one of the most popular and highly functional kit that makes the whole designing process a breeze to begin with.

6. Futurico UI HTML Edition

Futurico UI HTML Edition

Futurico is a futurist UI kit with its avant-garde features and looks. The interface elements used here are written in SASS preprocessor.

7. Basiliq – Freehand UI Kit

Basiliq – Freehand UI Kit

There is a great detail to this UI kit, and you can figure it out through the above image.



This one is visually one of the most enriching and powerful UI kits. ROBOTIC adds new dimensions to UI capabilities of any website, and in the most dominating manner.

9. Get Shit Done Kit

Get Shit Done Kit

Another kit that stays true to its name, Get Shit Done helps you accomplish just about everything you strive for  your website’s design.

10. WebUI CSS Kit


WebUI CSS is a comprehensive kit that tosses at you an ensemble of tools and technologies to choose from.

11. Free Blue UI Kit

Free Blue UI Kit

This one does help you give a sweet vibe to your website and without a lot of setup. It is highly user-friendly and makes the process of web designing a highly rewarding one, indeed.

12. Minimal UI Kit

Minimal Ui Kit

Going by its name, this kit facilitates creating web designs without any sort of unnecessary fanciness to them.


13. Desert UI Kit PSD

Desert UI Kit PSD

It is another light weight, but feature heavy kit for your consideration.

14. Flat Admin UI Kit

Flat Admin UI Kit

Flat Admin UI Kit makes it easy for the site admin to manage the designing elements on the site.

15. YAUI Kit v2

YAUI Kit v2

This one offers you a whole array of tool and resources to modify your design as per the requirements.

With so much to choose from, zeroing in one kit may be difficult, but worth the brain-racking effort.

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Amy Brown is a web developer by profession, a writer by hobby and works for  WordPrax Ltd., a WordPress development services company. She loves sharing information regarding WordPress customization tips & tricks.

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