Online AdvertisingMode of advertisement has changed tremendously in the recent era. The new generation spends most of their time sitting over laptops, smart phones or iPads. This is where they like to view over products & shop according to their requisite. Therefore, online advertising has got an upstart within last few years. Designing creative & appealing web advertisement is quite a challenge. The ads have to be attractive enough to draw the traffic up to them & convert visitors to customers. Here, we would share certain tips for upgrading online advertising.

Since work & net surfing takes a huge toll on our time in latest lifestyle, so, viewing print ads is not quite possible. Moreover, online advertisement differs in many ways from print ads. Online ads implement multimedia components into advertisement’s content. They are linked directly to the brand’s website, eCommerce catalogue or the purchase page. It provides point & click accessibility for users. A call to action for online ads may be a statement or a link. Whereas, in print ads the specification of the product along with contacts & call to action are printed.

Desktop or Mobile?

desktop or mobileThe online ads are delivered via digital platform & include variable design strategies. The responsiveness of the online ads plays a vital role on its acceptance by the demographic or audience. Responsive ads are one which is displayed according to the specification of the device on which it is being viewed. Some audience may view it on desktop computer system while other on smartphone. The display property of the ad should serve both the demographic. Such ads are utilized through responsive websites. Such websites are designed to respond to the browser on which it is rendered. The adoption of HTML5 has made responsive web design possible. HTML5 ads have many advantages over standard fixed design ads. The requirement for processing responsive ads depends upon the type of device used by the target demographic. Responsive designs are not required if the target audience access the ads via PC’s or smart phones particularly.

Ad Sizes

Online ads are more acceptable when generated in a video or animated format. HTML & Flash are technical strategies for delivering such format within online ads. Since some devices may support HTML & some Flash, so a responsive approach is undertaken by most advertisers. Online ads can be delivered in various forms. For example text ads, display ads which has many subheads like banner ads, skyscrapers, interstitial ads, box ads, pop up & pop under ads. The first step undertaken to create an online ad should be the determination of real estate or the required space & number of impressions. This is followed by deducing whether the ad would be in text or animation or graphical showcase for representing the product. The ad is designed depending on available space & implemented technology. Marketing studies have revealed that display ads having size of 300×250 has the highest click through rate. Placement of an ad on the web page highly affects its notice ability. The top centre of the web page is considered as the hottest area for ad placement on primary web page. The least effective area for ad placement is the top right corner above the navigation panel & the lower right corner of the right side bar.

Few Tips For Creating Attractive Online Ads:

When start creating your Online Ads or banners, below are the few tips that you must follow to create an attractive advertisement.

  1. Select the best color for your banner. It should be in contrast to your website’s theme color or background color. Make it simple and attractive. Consider Text and Graphics both which should correlate to each other.
  2. Keep the Content Short and Simple. Don’t use complicated words, so that a visitor/reader with little English Knowledge can understand it easily.
  3. Choose pictures very carefully. As the attractive pictures can attract more visitors.
  4. If you are creating an animated ad, then you must not make overuse of animated elements. Also, the animation speed should be set very carefully, so that the reader should not miss the content on the ad.
  5. Use limited number of fonts. Overuse of fonts may not lead to an appealing ad.

The prime factor to be remembered while creating online ads is that it should provide valuable information to the demographic about the product. Offering freebies & discounts often compels users to click on online ads. Think from the point of view of a customer & then integrate those qualities in your designs for ads.

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