Any page on a website where the traffic is sent purposely to prompt certain action is affirmed as a landing page.  To increase the conversion rate and the get maximum of ROI you should spent some time to design your landing page strategically. The purpose of the landing page is to land visitors to the page specifically made for the query they are searching.

To create an effective landing page you require to think of specific and concrete goals for which you are designing it. There must be some anticipation on which you can evaluate you’re designing of page. There are number of traffic sources through which you can make land your users to a specific page to prompt an action. Like PPC, banner ad or sponsorship graphic, a link in an email, blog post or sidebar link etc.

What you should consider

1)      The landing page should not deviates the users to another website.
2)      Should be effective enough to sell your offered products.
3)      It should have crisp & clear information about the site so that come to website, understand each and every inch and buy the product.
4)      The landing page should be designed according to ZMOT concept.

The landing page needs not to be the home page of a website however it should imprint the goal and objective of your website.

Here are illustrations of unsurpassed so ever landing pages.


bundlr 5


kickoff 3


Clubdivot 4


Triplingo 2






Localhero 11


GiftRocket 10


Square 9



Weatherwise 7

Ben the Bodyguard

benthebodygaurd 6

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